Friday, March 19, 2010


It's so hard to decide how to deal with my stress. Should I eat more, drink more, tense up my muscles???Yes that sounds right. I will tie my back muscles in knots to relieve my stress. Wait a minute, I have the knots and my stress is still here. It's funny how stress sneaks up on you. I didn't think I was feeling stress...the crying at a moments notice should have been a dead give away. The trick is to not let it get the upper hand. I was laying around, resting my back yesterday and it occurred to me I was letting the stress win. so today I got up and loaded my dog in the car and we went off to work. I feel much better today however I'll never know if I would have felt better anyway, no matter what I did.
You know that is the amazing thing about life. We make our daily decisions and that is our lives. We will never know what course I life would have taken if we had not gone to work or left the dog home or skipped rope all day: all of these being potential choices.
I chose to drop in on Adler's mom today who was cleaning out her dead son's house. We had a great visit. I said Hi I am Sandy and she hugged me. Say what you want about death, it really brings the living together. I've noticed this over and over again. for the most part it doesn't last: that is why I go to as many funerals as possible, to make that connection and drop on dead people's mothers'. My back is definitely feeling better. In fact, I believe my stress level has dropped precipitously.
Well, back to decluttering my house.


  1. I sure love you. You inspire me everyday. What a simple act of kindness you showed Adler's mom, and it ending up helping you both. You're bang on re: stress - it's a sneaker upper.
    Take care.

  2. Fantastic profile photo btw, is that Bolsa Chica?
    Miss you

  3. Stress is quite a topic. SR you do a lot to help others. You were kind to Adler's mom plus got a couch. There's that couch theme again. Maybe I should tackle that. Maybe it would help with the stress. Dakota

  4. Crying at a moment's notice ... I got a comment from Hillary63 over there; read it at work, and started bawling. Big ugly bawling.
    Happy tears, though.
    I find blogging helps with stress; getting it all out there. And doing something you really, honestly love.
    P.S. I love funeral food.