Friday, March 12, 2010

I just lost my first blog

So I was just blogging and I lost it. I guess I am supposed to save as I go. Anyway as I was saying, I called my sister on Skype and she said she had started blogging and that I should. I told her I was not a good writer but she said that didn't matter that I should blog anyway. The I said I didn't like to put my true feelings out there for everyone to see and she said maybe I would become more comfortable as time went on and that's when I told her to shut the hell up and leave me alone and of course she didn't and nagged me some more and then her husband told her to leave me alone and of course she still nagged but more quietly this time. So now I see the autosave of draft is working so where is the draft I did a few minutes ago? So many questions. So then we talked about what I could blog about and I told her I was thinking of reading War and Peace and I could blog about that as I went along because it has like a million pages or something. "Sandy's blog star date page 37 of War & Peace, still have no idea about what this book is about except I'm expecting war or peace to happen anytime. " It would be like a travel diary as I travelled thought the pages of an epic story like that not understanding a word. So this is kind of like Seinfeld where the show was about nothing. I blog about nothing but it's my nothing. I'll sign off now, the laundry needs folding.


  1. Awesome there Sandred! You see, as I predicted, I read and I laughed and I also felt moved. Hurray!
    I love you

  2. Aha! I finally found out where I could comment. I made it through the "error 503" loop. Will I have to do a dreaded word verification again? My enemy. Well written Sandred. Dakota.