Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life out of control

It's not that my life is out of control, but I am unable to control other people's lives. In fact, I shouldn't even try since I have no power to control what other's do. It seems like a simple concept and yet many of us and when I say that I mean most of us try on a daily basis to change other people's lives. We would all do well to make sure our own lives were in order before trying to change others. I of course include myself. It must be part of our makeup to see other's problem's and solutions more clearly than our own.
I know, I will set the goal for tomorrow to let people be themselves for 24 hours. It's a start. I pledge to not tell anyone what to do tomorrow. Sounds easy. But the phrase "you know what you should do..." is so tempting. It's like the chocolate of the phrase world.
I hope I don't forget.


  1. Man you are so right on! It is hard but I have been trying to do that as well. Love, Dakota